Fully Automated Organic Contaminant Online Monitoring

scoutCARBON is a fully automated system for real-time monitoring of organic impurities in semiconductor chemicals. scoutCARBON not only detects and identifies contaminants, it also quantifies and charts each contaminant.

Organic Contaminant Online Analyzer

  • Quantitative analysis of targeted organic contaminants in inorganic and organic chemicals
  • Identification and semi-quantification of non-targeted compounds
  • A single central analyzer monitors:
    • Up to 40 sampling points
    • At up to 300 m in any direction
  • Online monitoring of IPA, NH4OH, H2SO4, H2O, HF, H2O2, stripper, resist and others

Mass Spectrometric Detection

  • Ultrahigh mass resolution: (+/-0.0001)
  • Positive and negative ion modes
  • 50-20,000 amu

Ease of Use

  • Flexible data reporting options including SECS/GEM
  • Automatic calibration

Workflow Diagram

Example diagram (shown to the right) for remote monitoring of incoming/outgoing chemicals and process chemicals using scoutCARBON.